Crane Inspection

Trimax provides crane inspection and preventive crane inspection program to improve the safety and efficiency of the equipment.The Company always makes sure that the machinery has been thoroughly checked on several quality standards such as safety, durability, quality and others.
All Lifting equipment like lifting slings, cranes, hoists, lever blocks are an indispensable part of any lifting operation and Trimax undertake inspection, testing, and certification of lifting equipment, apart from its successful manufacturing and supplying unit.

Lifting Equipments & Machine Inspection

Trimax provides a comprehensive Visual , Functional and Proof load testing services for the calibration of Heavy Lifting equipment and Heavy Machineries to ensure the stated lifting capacity is accurate and fully certified to LOLER / BS / BSI standards, Like;

Elevator / Escalator Travelor Inspection

Trimax provides Inspection services for escalator, dumbwaiter, travelator-walkway, electric-elevators and hydraulic-elevators; our services help the building owners and property management teams to ensure their equipment are safely operating and are in compliance with state and code requirements.

Lifting Gear & Accessories Inspection

Trimax provides a comprehensive proof load testing services for lifting gear is accurate and fully certified to LOLER / BS standards, Like;

Earth Moving Machine Inspection

Heavy machinery is a combination of complex mechanical systems that can lose efficiency over time slowing down your site’s productivity. Our qualified & trained Inspection team can help you to retain the efficiency. Heavy equipment inspection should be a part of daily routine. Always inspect heavy machinery before starting a job to ensure that all works well.

Trimax frequent and consistent inspection process of Heavy Machines include the inspection of brakes, tires, steering linkage, ground engaging tools, fasteners, bushings, pins, pivots, gauges, lights, horns, heater and defroster and exhaust. Additionally, we check fluid levels and leakages in engine, power steering, battery cable, air filters, transmission, coolant, and charging system.

Earth moving equipment includes loaders, wheel tractors, graders, excavators, dozers and off highway trucks. This equipment is highly specialized to use for specific construction site tasks. Therefore, it is crucial that your employees have been properly trained to utilize and maintain the earth moving equipment, before you hand them the keys. Our dedicated professional engineer and trainer play a key role in helping you protect and your work site from serious injuries and life threatening situations. We make your site a safe place to work for your employees.

Welding Inspection and
Non-Destructive test

Our weld testing analysis are used to assure the quality and correctness of the weld after it is completed. Our testing methods focus on quality and strength of weld.
Our comprehensive range of NDT methods can help you:

Scaffolding Inspection

Our aim is to provide scaffolding health and safety knowledge and awareness by the help of Industry performance standards for the safe management of temporary worksplatforms, and those responsible for the planning, procurement, management and control of temporary works in building and civil engineering. Inspection is vital for the erection and dismantling of scaffolding and it is undertaken by our competent and certified personnel.

Pressure Vessel Inspection

Trimax comply with strict regulations and codes in order to perform boilers (i.e. fire-tube & water-tube) and pressure vessels (i.e. storage tanks) inspection.These inspections and audits establish the requirements for:

Thermal Inspection

TRIMAX provide a comprehensive and fantastic modern solution for inspection at height and in hard to reach or dangerous places, reducing the need to put workers at risk by thermal inspection.

Thermal Inspection can help establish any wear and tear within your rotating components such as bearings, bushings and other moving parts. Other fantastic applications can be found inmonitoring faults and overheating electrical components due to a breakdown in insulation, excessive current, inductive heating, poor terminal connections or irregularities in manufacturing and production.

Using a combination of hand held thermal imaging equipment we can offer non-destructive inspection of your internal equipment such as distribution boards and transformers as well as offering our aerial services in this department.

During post processing the images are thermally tuned and corrected to produce a composite image. Your data is passed on to the industry leading thermography experts at iRed in Hampshire for best results.

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