Trimax is an accredited and approved third party Inspection and Training Company of the UAE provides a complete range of Inspection and Training services with certification. We have developed our capabilities to offer extensive inspection and training management services to align industry health and safety needs.
Our qualified & experienced personnel’s are professionally trained and certified from reputed & recognized institutions and they are fully comply with ISO-17020 and operate under the guidelines of international code of practices of BSI, ASME, NEBOSH, IOSH, LEEA and ENAS requirement, EIAC (DAC) Requirements.

Our modern methods and procedures are within the framework of internationally recognized Quality, Health and Safety & Environment Management Standards. We are accredited by ENAS, Approved by Abu Dhabi Municipality, ADED, ESMA, MUROORand certified byISO 9001: 2008; ISO 14001: 2004; OHSAS 18001. We are in process to be registered in local & international bodies such as ADDC, ADNOC, TAKREER, ADCO, ADMA.

Workplace safety culture begins with a well-trained workforce; our professional trainers provide safety training and customized classes including safety audits, first-aid replenishment, and personal protective equipment replenishment that are specifically designed to help prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace.
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Our QMS methods and procedures are within the framework of internationally recognized Quality, Health and Safety & Environment Management Standards enable you to demonstrate well in competitive market.

Our Vision

To uphold a total commitment to build trust and long term relationship with customers without compromising societal, environmental and safety guidelines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide “the best services” at competitive price by constantly meeting client requirements and to create exceptional value for our customers while maintaining ethical and social responsibilities.

Our Values

Quality Policy

TRIMAX Inspection and Training LLC highly believe in “quality” and strictly follow the compliance of ISO 17020 standard, British Standard and according to ENAS ACG-22 in light with total quality management principles to improve our process, product and services.

Our business services based on consistent quality that meets or exceeds the requirements of the Client, and which will enhance in the customer’s minds the Company as a quality conscious organization. Maintaining high level of standards in its operation. Strives to continually improve its operating processes and operate to best
Inspection & Training practices.

To Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Every effort is exercised to ensure Client / Consultant Delight and to maintain a professional working relationship impartially. We emphasis to ensure that our quality of service are meet and understood as defined and documented in the contract.

Job Tasks

Completion of assigned job tasks on target completion date as per specified requirements of the condition of the contract maintaining high standard of workmanship.

Subcontractors & Suppliers

Deal only with those who are capable of meeting our standards and maintain a professional working relationship.

Health & Safety

Maintain a high standard of work environment in order to provide a safe working place and eliminate risk of injuries and losses.

Management Commitment

TRIMAX Management is committed in maintaining its policy to ensure an effective and efficient operation of its Quality Management System, and continual improvement of the performance of the Company by means of: Promoting policies and objectives to increase awareness, motivation and involvement of people. Setting and communication directions related to achieving objectives and Customer’s satisfaction. Define a mechanism for evaluation of performance. Review and revise our objectives and achievement annually for continues suitability.

HSE Policy

TRIMAX Inspection & Training L.L.C, has a ethical responsibility to precaution each other, our customers and the environment by wishful to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace serving  in Industrial Inspection and training services  that is always safe to maintain OH&S and to minimize, our impact on the environment.

To safeguard best exercise we have developed a common minimum operating standard and set of behaviors’ which will be practiced at every position and location we operate. These are based on the strictest regulatory requirements and industry best practice and are being introduced into all our operations.

Our prime concern is the safety of our employees, our customers, our contractors and the comprehensive community by handling our people and our work practices in a safe and accountable way. As the very lowest we will comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice.

We will struggle to continuously improve our performance and we will frequently measure compliance against these standards and implement performance objectives to assure our clients, customers and others stakeholder who work with us that we are operating the harmless environment possible.

Our objectives and targets is very clear against which we will measure and report on our health and safety performance. Specifically, we focus on to:
We will also expect similarly high standards from our suppliers and contractors. It is our responsibility to ensure that the suitable resources, including human and financial ones, are committed towards implementing this policy across all our operations and communicating to all our employees.
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